We are here to help!

When someone you’re close to dies

It is sometimes difficult to express your feelings of sadness or to understand how your emotions have been affected. Sometimes it may feel like there’s no hope for the future.

You’re not on your own

Trained support volunteers from the UK’s largest bereavement support charity, Cruse Bereavement Care, can help you make sense of your loss and support you as you look to the future.

Cruse is here to help

Through free, dedicated local support and resources, Cruse can come alongside you in the tough times after your bereavement and can help you as you try to pick up the pieces. There is also a national helpline which you can call freephone on 0808 808 1677.

Whatever the circumstances

Whether you’re an adult or a child and whatever the circumstances of your bereavement, Cruse can provide you with the support you need.

Cruse in Gwent are also looking for Volunteers

We are always looking for volunteers to train and learn new skills to support others in their grief. We need bereavement support volunteers, help with administration, fundraisers, etc. If you are interested, then please contact us.