I Wish I’d Had Time to Say…

Bereaved people sometimes tell us that they wish they had had the opportunity to say more things to their loved one, before they passed away.

But for various reasons they were unable to actually do this.

A typical comment is that they wanted to tell him or her how much they were loved during their lifetime. And now they can’t.

Although when faced with this comment I ask how often did you express your love to each other and say how much they were appreciated. The answer is normally something like ‘…oh we said it everyday as we went to sleep’  or ‘….I was always telling her how amazing she was….’.

So if you really think about it, you probably said all those special things before they actually died.

A nice way of getting those additional ‘things you wanted to say’ out of your mind, is to write it down, normally in a very personal letter which you keep in a special place e.g. your Memory Box.And when you think of other stuff that you wish you had said, or said it more often, then just include it in your letter.

People tell us that it doesn’t seem to matter that they won’t be posting the letter, the simple fact of writing their thoughts down, helps them to cope.

This might just help you as well .