Coping With a Difficult Day

Following a bereavement, some days are just more difficult to deal with than other days.

But somehow you just have to cope with these types of days, and one way of doing this is to break it up into smaller parts – someone said to us he just ‘…broke it up into bite size chunks……’. And that’s what helped him.

This is how it could work for you – I accept it sounds a bit strange, but just try it on one of those difficult days.

If your day seems a bit daunting stretching out in front of you, simply reduce the day into shorter bits – ‘bite size chunks’.

For example, if it’s early morning tell yourself you only need to get to mid morning when it’s coffee time. And maybe a special treat of your favourite biscuit, a piece of cake etc. Tell yourself ‘Come on I can do it – it’s only a few hours away’.

And then before you know it, you’ve just enjoyed your coffee and treat and lunchtime is only two hours away.

So then, just repeat the process but now you think of that special lunch that you will enjoy. Another similar method of giving yourself a treat.  Alternatively you may decide to go for a walk, read a few chapters of your current book or possibly listen to a radio programme.

It doesn’t really matter what you do as long as you breaking up each part of the day into more manageable smaller parts.

Hope this may help you on those difficult days.