Memory Box

A memory box is simply a place where you can store certain items from your loved one e.g. special piece of jewellery, a football shirt, photographs, spectacles, perfume, after shave, items of clothing etc. As you can see the list is endless. The important thing is, you have a specific place for these important items, so when you want to see, hold, or smell them, you know exactly where they are stored. Some clients use a pillowcase, or a drawer – the storage place doesn’t really matter. Other clients have told us they use a memory box when ‘they want to trigger some tears’. Sometimes you can feel emotionally full up and you just want to have a good cry. Looking in a memory box, smelling a scarf, or bottle of aftershave, can be just the trigger you need for this good cry and a beneficial emotional release. I briefly mentioned memory boxes in the first email.